Obsession No. 598 Section 93.2(b)

The hard men of CI5...

Oh, these lovely, lovely men of action! Oh yeah, and the great writing, excellent stunt coordination, blah, blah, blah... Face it - We'd watch these two if they stood there staring at a brick wall for an hour every week! (Especially if Doyle struck his "for rent" pose against said wall.)

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Fan Fiction

Yes, I'm on the "there's something going on" side of the fence. My interest is more in the stories that border on the dark and deal with human nature and obsession. Can't stand the sweet, Valentine's Day/"let's get married" sort of stuff. No matter what flavor you like your B&D, I would send to you to the following fanfiction (slash) sites:

Sebastian is a Goddess and there are several other writers of her quality to be found at the above sites.

I recommend that before you start to tackle the Circuit Archive, you join the companion Yahoo Group proslib and spend the couple of dollars to order the archive CD as it holds all the stories on the Circuit website, plus again as many that aren't.

And if you are new to the Professionals slash scene, I recommend a good essay written to introduce people to the pairing: A Bodie/Doyle Manifesto

*IMPORTANT: If you don't know what "slash" is and/or you are not of legal age in the country you are in, do not visit links on my page. I will not be held responsible for your your shock, revulsion, loss of innocence, offense, etc. as you have been warned!

 I didn't create this caption!

You'll find it in official LWT Professionals Magazine Vol. 2 No. 1. Do you blame me for thinking something is going on?


4/22/06: LWT Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1 added to articles & magazines page. 21 breakout pictures from the magazine added to the picture area.
2/12/06: 58 breakout pictures from the LWT Annuals. LWT Annual 1981 added to articles & magazines page. 2 wallpapers.
2/5/06: Screen caps of Judge John Deed season 5 eps 1-4 added to Martin's gallery. Caps of Murder Room added to Martin's gallery.
4/30/05: LWT Annual 1980 added to articles & magazines page.
4/20/05: LWT Annual 1979 added to articles & magazines page.
4/18/05: Action TV mags added to articles & magazines page.
3/26/05: 2 wallpapers.

3/8/05: DVD box set scans added (articles section). 6 pictures.
2/27/05: 1 wallpaper.
2/7/05: 10 pictures.
2/6/05: 6 wallpapers.
1/23/05: 12 wallpapers.
1/7/05: 3 wallpapers, 1 picture.


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